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Fairy Tail: Chapter 98 August 8, 2008

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Click here to read!

Whoa! that was close! For a moment I thought it would be over for Natsu! I so thought that his body couldn’t handle the Etherion itself but so cool he actually did it and his power is so, so, cool!

Behold, the Dragon Slayer!

I very much appreciate battle themes with a heart and despise those pointless killings and aimless battling.

Natsu’s so sweet for a rascal *hehe* and I actually like his character developing into some higher degree each time. I bet this isn’t all that Natsu’s got, I mean power-wise.

We also came into realization that Erza is not exactly that invincible and tough girl we thought she was…instead she is just a normal girl with pent up feelings and someone with her own limitations!

Hmm…could this promise thing to protect Erza ignite some untapped feelings unknown to Natsu before? Anyways, I wanted Grey with Lucy, so it doesn’t matter but Lluvia’s in love with Grey too so it would be such a complication! *phew*

Did Natsu manage to kill Gerard? I think not for he knows that Erza wouldn’t want that to happen for he’s got feelings for the latter somehow. She only wants Gerard to snap out of it and be the normal kid she once knew.

Could the destruction of the R-system tower means the end of Gerard’s arc? Oh no, there’s that demonic Zeref still! I fear he would be much of a threat than Gerard is! *shivers*

Chapter 99 would be: Titania Falls! Erza, the Titania is in danger more than she is now?

But need not worry, Natsu baby will be there to save the day! *Hooray!*


2 Responses to “Fairy Tail: Chapter 98”

  1. flux Says:

    hi, do you know when the chapter 99 wil come out?

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    i found a raw scan just today see my latest post :) yey!

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