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Artemis, the Bloody Rose & the Chess Master 1.3 August 4, 2008

The Chess Master, Kaname

The Chess Master, Kaname

In a chess game, to conquer an enemy requires a competent Chess Master and Kaname qualifies as such! Why so? read on…

Kaname with his chessboard is a usual scene on Matsuri Hino’s Vampire Knight series. Maybe one would conclude that it’s nothing relevant like it’s only his little pastime, but again, I’d like to dig a little deeper on that.

Remember, Kaname is almost like the Alpha and the Omega in Yuuki’s life. From the time she had her memories on that bloody, snowy day, she thought that he was her creator and savior since she doesn’t have a recollection of what was before. From then on, her world only revolves around him and thinks that she’s actually been brought to life on that same day. And even now that she had those earlier memories back, the one to determine her fate would be no one else other than Kaname himself.

Cross Academy Night Class

Cross Academy Night Class

Compared to a chess game, Yuuki is the Queen whom Kaname wants to protect as he himself is the King. He’s the ancestor of the vampire race right? Though the King has himself tied up with limitations due to the curse, he has his pawns which were the members of the Knight Class who pledged loyalty to him *not only as a their “Pure-blood King” but as a friend* to serve as the frontliners. Then comes Zero, a horseman, the one that would instantly run on Yuuki’s side to protect her on Kaname’s behalf against the enemy, Rido and his minions.

But I firmly believe that the one to decide on who’s gonna be the winner of the match would still be Kaname for he could be likened to the unseen force that manipulates everything, he is no other than the “Silent Knight” whose powers are immeasurable, Kaien refered to in the earlier chapters, the all-knowing and all-seeing eyes.

Yuuki Cross and adoptive father, Kaien Cross

Yuuki Cross and adoptive father, Kaien Cross

How could he not be the one? Who entrusted Yuuki in Kaien’s protection and made sure Yuuki is nowhere near any harm while still on her human guise? And Zero who’d let him live when Kaname knows his past and let Chairman Cross take him in? But because he had foreseen what was to come he allowed him to continue existing even after the point when he attacked Yuuki out of his vampiric craving! I know how depressed and wrathed Kaname had been when he found out that Zero preyed on Yuuki but he put up an indifferent front for Yuuki’s sake.

Even the pacifism ideals of the Cross Academy, without Kaname’s participation it would never be materialized…but all for Yuuki’s sake — it is so that he could watch over her from afar, though it’s really very lonely. :_(

He is the Vampire within the vampires and everyone fears him as he is that much powerful including Rido but since he awakened him from his slumber Kaname is indebted to him though he hates him but he couldn’t just kill him right away for it would also cost his life — just like the position Zero had been with Shizuka, he’ll die if he did — the curse it is. It may be because he feared for Yuuki the most, for her safety and what would she be without him. Despite that situation, he is too powerful to be under Rido’s command and never once did he call him master.

Even, he hastened Rido’s resurrection by giving him a blood transfusion instead of killing him which he know he couldn’t but he is confident enough that he’ll win for Yuuki’s sake no matter what and has long been planning for that moment to come. He’s had his chess pieces on loose and in place too long enough to combat any future attacks.

Kaname and Zero on truce

Kaname and Zero on truce

He even left Yuuki at the academy knowing Zero will protect her and how did he know that he’ll not betray her? And how sure is he that all of the Night Class people wouldn’t betray him either? Of course, it was foreseen by him. And as I’ve said a while back, Zero owed his life to the both of them now — Yuuki and Kaname.

While Zero’s fate had been altered by Kaname after he killed Shizuka himself he instead got entangled still with the two purebloods. Kaname took the risk of killing Shizuka even if he knows it’s against the vampire laws but he has seen some bleak chance to save both Yuuki and Zero as the situation presents and he did it anyway. It’s not as if he needs more power or anything; he already is powerful enough being the Kaname Clan alone and the body which he took over was of the pure bloods!

True, that Kaname is not a real Kuran *Yey! Yuuki and him were not real siblings! Hooray!* but he is the ancestor from which the Kuran lineage could be traced from and all the vampires as well, though he was revived and trapped in the person of Yuuki’s brother who’s soul was killed by Rido too.

Yuuki and Kaname

Yuuki and Kaname

How sweet is Kaname to have fallen in love with Yuuki and does everything to keep her safe, sacrificing his own happiness and falling into depression. He really wanted to make her his Queen! *swoons*

If it so happened that he has other motives other than having affections for Yuuki, that I don’t care, Yuuki as well is ready to be betrayed by him but it would never change a thing she felt for him! *dies* Then how could I?

The omnipotent Kaname, the Chess Master, with the game on his hands who else could go victorious?

Kah! Except if Hino sensei decides on what to write and illustrate next! XD

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14 Responses to “Artemis, the Bloody Rose & the Chess Master 1.3”

  1. Kaname4Life Says:

    You know, i’ve had a theory almost identical to this! I guess great minds truely think alike.. ;] I absolutely love Kaname, he has this all in his hands..which to me is irresistable! I just hope that in the end his plan doesn’t turn on him or…he sacrifices himself…or.. he gets KILLED.. its too much. :X ..He’s like the perfect guy/vampire..so loyal..*sighs dreamily* Nice job!

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    on some usual love triangle plots, the end might be that Kaname would entrust Yuuki to Zero so that if he dies *God no!* there would be someone else to take his place and look after his precious girl…

    hahah are we vampire fetish or what?? XD

    thanks for dropping by :)

  3. fayechan Says:

    I strongly believed that Kaname will not going to die on this series (i won’t allow it!), seriously because i know that Hino sensei won’t let her readers be sudden and we are all know that she is wiser enough guys. Plus the fact that how can he be dead? He is so powerful and add zero’s new power and yuuki’s awakened memory? my my my they can hunt rido down, what i feared at the end of this series is that, there’s no clearly ending whether yuuki end up on kaname or yuuki end up to zero, maybe hino sensei is really amazed reading all speculations on her works, oh well come what may i think i will be happy knowing that no one will die. (let us cross our fingers) ;) cry cry cry cry

  4. -.- Says:

    man can’t believe there is people who actually been doing all these researches and thinking!
    but I’ll say it’s a very extremely good theory, very well thought out.
    Being as a love triangle, I reackon Zero vs Kaname will be a really good battle. Sure Zero may have a very low chance, however we haven’t seen what his “power of suffer” can really do. Since he has Shizuka, Yuuki and kaname’s blood within him, he may be even with him.
    Also assuming as Yuuki going to be in the middle, it’s gonna be a heck of a fight for both of them XD

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I’d love to see that duel! It would be good especially if Yuuki’s the prize! XD But of course I want Kaname to go victorious! I just want to see where could his powers take him. :P

  6. velvetsash Says:

    So that explains the chess set (haha) just kidding. It was pretty obvious the chess set was being pointed as a symbolism towards the situation but I liked the way you put it down on ‘print’, very thought provoking. Although I’m more of a Yuuki X Zero fan, I will admit that I used to like Kaname a whole lot and kept wishing that he would end up with Yuuki. :D Nevertheless, I think his character should get applauded. After all, only sheer genius could think of a plan like this without giving it away. (BRAVO!)

  7. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yeah, although I do admit I like Zero too… sometimes. XD But I’m all for Kaname! Zero can have Yuuki, Kaname is mine! ^^

  8. […] Artemis, the Bloody Rose &; the Chess Master 1.3 […]

  9. […] Artemis, the Bloody Rose &; the Chess Master 1.3 […]

  10. ヤキ川 Says:

    こんにちは私の名前ですヤキ川.わたしの好きな漫画 -ナルト-疾風ヴァンパイア騎士のですが、私もあなたのブログですが大好きな唇.

  11. こんにちは私の名前ですヤキ川.わたしの好きな漫画NARUTO -ナルト-疾風ヴァンパイア騎士のですが、私もあなたのブログですが大好きな唇

  12. lele Says:

    i lovo kuran kanama so much. his life very unhappy

  13. coolgirlluvsupre Says:

    I love vampire knight so much, I’m so glad theyre airing it on abc3! yay i want monday night to come around! now to avoid the spoilers….

  14. Jess Says:

    Nup. Zero is still he best out of the two. in my opinion anyway. ZERO <3_<3

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