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Vampire Knight: Chapter 42 August 2, 2008

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It’s probably high time to see Yuuki’s worth after having been sheltered for so long without her memories. I hope she’ll not wimp out and fight Rido at whatever cost just as she was saying. Is she really gonna be Aidou’s savior?

And Rido for hell’s sake confirmed what I have in mind! He loves Juuri, Yuuki’s mom — but what’s with the making-you-my-love-instead thingy just because she looked like her? I bet his hunger for power drove him mad! Gah!

The night class are so cool! Yeah, just remain like that, true to Kaname!

Ah, Cain I suspect has long been keeping his feelings for Luca. Since Luca already accepted the impossibility of her future acquaintance with Kaname, if Cain would be her Vampire Knight in shinning armor, maybe eventually she’ll have a change of heart…I want Cain to be happy too…Luca as well.

Zero really manifested this time, and I believe his feelings for Yuuki will never change though they’re enemies now just like Kaname had said that he wouldn’t betray Yuuki ever and he’d let him live for that purpose. He’s indebted to the two of them with his life — he’s such a cute puppet but I definitely don’t want him to end up with Yuuki! I still go for Kaname, go Kaname!

Now, we’ll have to wait till next month for another intriguing chapter! More of Kaname please!


2 Responses to “Vampire Knight: Chapter 42”

  1. Kaname4Life Says:

    Love this picture! Though anything with Kaname in it makes it great ..XD.

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    right! his eyes, mysterious like the abyss, draws me even more! Gahh!

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