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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 195 August 2, 2008

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So that’s how Sakura was abducted by Fei Wang Reed! Shaoran’s amazing, I really like his character in the series…so young, so responsible, so sensitive!

Sakura here manifested her power over the water as it tried to protect her from being abducted and unconsciously since she wields it, eventually it will come to like Syaoran as the master likes him too, reason why he was permitted to come to the ruins during her purification! XD

I further conclude that it was from within this time frame that the memories of the clones were tampered from or maybe not…I wonder?

I just am disappointed with the chapter back then when Cardcaptor Sakura’s Shaoran appeared as the young Tsubasa’s Syaoran’s *not his real name — we’ll find that out soon* father! Can’t even figure out his face now that he’s grown up to be married with Sakura who bore him a son! Waaah! So unfair, I wanna see them both! But if Yuuko really wanted to meet them too, then that’s a possibility…fate — “hitsuzen”!

It’s CLAMP and their never ending suspense, totally wild! You came to believe that the current direction of the story is that “it” already but in reality its just one of the twists, a mystery yet to be solved and when you think the story’s gonna be ending soon you’ll be balled over to know that the real score is just about to be unfolded but it’s actually nice, I like their style…

How exciting to know more and uncover more about Tsubasa, the connections and the cross-overs! To understand it fully well, I recommend reading Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHOLiC, x1999, Angelic Layer and other splendid works by CLAMP.

I missed Fye terribly, Kurogane and Mokona too…hope they’ll be featured soon!


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