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Messy Sidebars Off! August 2, 2008

Filed under: Editorials — Mari Agnes @ 1:25 am

Taking the liberty of putting different widgets on my sidebar turned out really, really messy! Ugh!

That, no matter how I tried to arrange it in a way it could be nifty-looking but it’s just those shiny buttons and chiclets whatever from different sites (no matter how I like those) wouldn’t just fall together in place, ‘makes this page crampy and insane!

In the end, I took them out all at once hahah! XD Good thing is that, WordPress allows not those annoying ads wandering about!

I am used to a neat looking place and I wanted this page too that neat and simple reason why I keep reverting to this theme after trying out several others for it’s giving off a kind of serene feeling and it’s cool to the eyes. Smashing green — nowhere near my favorite color but I still prefer it. I don’t intend to customize my header either, just love it the way it is!

It’s Saturday today, got a lot of time so I might as well post many things as much as I can! Whoah! *starts off to another post*


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