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Artemis, the Bloody Rose & the Chess Master 1.2 August 1, 2008

Now where have we left off? That’s right…Zero’s Bloody Rose!

I really do believe that Matsuri Hino’s character naming as well as the supplements planted in the story are very noticeable and the planning that goes with it is awesomely commendable.

Just take for instance how Zero’s weapon is called. At the first glance, you wouldn’t notice the importance of why was it called the Bloody Rose but later as you read on more you’ll be able to comprehend or even just have a little grasp of the idea and you’ll be thinking of how the name came to be.

Zero and the Bloody Rose

Zero and the Bloody Rose

Confirming my thoughts that there’s mystery to it, got Zero to answer my speculations after having manifested into his monster-like form in the latest Chapter 42! Morphing a part of his body that in the shape of, or rather casting out thorny vines made sense. Weren’t we surpised right now?

Ah I guess many of Zero “fangirlings” as what Sagakure referred to them as, has their mouth watering upon seeing his shirt open displaying his masculine physique! I could hear them drooling — “Kyaa! Zero’s so sexy!” *ehehe*

Now back to the topic, it occurred to me that Bloody Rose isn’t just an ordinary weapon to begin with since the hunters themselves uses magic or tricks too. And just like the vampires, the hunters also have skills and special abilities of their own native only to them. Remember Zero and Ichiru were the cursed twin of the hunters? Hmm…just do some back reading yourselves if you’ve missed that revelations. Really, Hino sensei’s full of mystery!

If you have seen the anime and read the part of the manga as well when Zero made a warning shot intended for Aidou, you may realize that the Bloody Rose was no simple gun when its bullet afterward displayed a cross-like cloud from where the bullet went missing and in addition to that it was said that it could only harm the vampires and not effective on humans. It’s such a small detail to pay notice to but has a substantial value to the tale!

About naming a thing… I can recall from another favorite manga ‘xxxHOLiC’ where the Time and Space Witch–Yuuko–said once after naming a bat, that names are powerful. Whatever object you name to symbolize another, that process will give the object at hand the same power like that of the original thing. She had a bat then and named it to a certain sword and it cut the notebook in half just like having the real thing’s blade!

Anyways, I agree that there’s more to a name that meets the eye just like the Bloody Rose has its secrets. The weapon suits Zero best, one, for he is now a full-pledged vampire *cool* and he craves for *red* blood a lot more as he became a blood-sucking monster that he detests most. Two, figuratively, because the rose’s thorns symbolizes the hardships he has gone through which pierces his heart reason why he takes on his grudge against the vampires particularly on poor Kaname as he is a pure-blood.

In short, the Bloody Rose is the personification of Zero. As seen on his transformation upon absorbing the Bloody Rose as we supposed it is that way, the thorny vines became a manifestation of his anger and somewhat the very thing he may use to vent his ire. But most of all, Zero as a person is beautiful despite the pains in his heart that makes him vengeful which could be compared to a rose, thorny and prickly to the touch but absolutely a knockout.

So that’s what Kaname meant that he’ll leave Yuuki at Zero’s care! Hints, more hints!

The Chess Master is up next…XD

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