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Why’s My Post Elsewhere? July 30, 2008

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Great! I was just about surfing for one of my favorite mangas, Vampire Knight and I came across another blog today!

What’s the significance? I can’t believe my eyes while reading my own write up posted by another and carelessly claiming ownership of the same! *astonished*

Its kind of the whole article *word by word* only the links highlighted were changed as well as the photo that goes with the post. I remember uploading the pic I used here so that’s why, maybe! And I can recall posting the same content on my Blogger account too — Fair Obesssions — with a different photo but its still not the same pic either! How cruel that someone else didn’t even care to cite or give acknowledgment to yours truly — though I don’t care either way.

It’s not the first time I encountered this, actually it’s the second time including that of my first post but I didn’t bother. How impolite, but I dare not affix the links here to where those posts are or else I’d be no better than them.

It’s quite good that they’re helping out spreading my article but not to the extent that they’re asserting to be the original source and soliciting comments out of it. All bloggers wanted to increase readership and takes pride as their page ranks climb even higher and that their visibility over the world wide web is guaranteed.

I’m not so new about many mischief done with the internet: spying, hacking, infringing works, et al…the numbers keep on growing each day but I can’t believe even something petty as this? Well, maybe it happened to me two times in a row just this week for the first time ever since I got hooked with the net years ago and I have just finally started my blogging! Just great! *exasperated*

Copyright…I guess doesn’t apply to posts too personal like mine only images and other visuals unless its something of great value such as an online merchandise, whatever…it’s just my view but don’t we have web ethics or just a personal discretion of what’s proper? A little credit is all!

Okay, I poured it all out. Just said what I wanted to, it’s a no big deal, but is it that hard to say “Thank You”? *sigh*


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