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Artemis, the Bloody Rose & the Chess Master 1.1 July 29, 2008

Yuuki wielding the 'Artemis'

Yuuki wielding the 'Artemis'

To whisk away that dragging feeling as we await for the next Vampire Knight release on September, I decided to publish several posts about the distinct graphic novel itself — an inference of some kind.

Both the Artemis and the Bloody Rose are anti-vampire weapons usually identified with the vampire hunters used alongside their roles as vampire exterminators in order to protect the people from these blood-sucking monsters.

Rightfully, Zero was assigned the Bloody Rose (a pistol) because of his hunter origins while Yuuki I suppose was given the Artemis (a rod-like weapon) by his surrogate father Kaien (previously a formidable vampire hunter too) in order to protect her in her normal human form. But generally, they were given these weapons as guardians and prefects of the Cross Academy.

The Artemis**

I was wondering why Hino sensei named that rod-like weapon of Yuuki’s, the Artemis…the same weapon which transformed itself into a scythe following Yuuki’s awakening. It might be due to her awakened power or Kaname’s which I remember took hold of the other end of the rod from where the newest feature of the Artemis can now be found.

What usually comes into the mind when we speak of Artemis? A Greek goddess of the moon and a ‘hunter’ (usually seen with a bow and arrow and hunting)! Also she is referred to as Astateia by the Amazons as their goddess of war. Seen the connection yet? Hmm…Amazons are defined as, just according to the dictionary:

Amazon –
(Greek mythology) one nation of women warriors of Scythia (who burned off their right breasts in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively)


Artemis (weapon) *a rod-like* = Artemis (hunter goddess) *with an arrow as her primary hunting weapon — usually comes with rods of course!*

Yuuki *free-spirited and brave prefect* = an Amazon *strong and dauntless female*

Scythe *a newly-formed power driven addition to Yuuki’s (dangerous) weapon* = Scythia *formed by powerful women, the Amazons (a fearless nation)*

I maybe wrong but anyway this is my own theory. XD

What I mean is Yuuki symbolizes Artemis or Diana of the Romans who uses a rod-like weapon which is likened to Diana’s arrows.

Artemis itself as a weapon which manifested a sharp scythe could be likened to the brave Amazons (though of female gender possesses the strength more than or equal to that of a man) who finds more effectiveness after their right breasts were taken away. It’s kind of the same thing with Yuuki’s case, she became more stronger after having been given back her memories that from hereon she’ll be seen more in action. Just as the weapon’s master awakened, it showed its true form too…

The ‘Artemis’ in short was made especially for Yuuki to wield as she’s of girl specie and I think Hino sensei came up with the weapon’s name with these facts in consideration… it’s just my own guess! XD

Any comments are welcome! The Bloody Rose and the Chess Master thing will be parsed next, and that would be tomorrow!

I’ll rest it here now…so sleepy! *yawns*

Continued here:

Artemis, the Bloody Rose & the Chess Master 1.2

Artemis, the Bloody Rose &; the Chess Master 1.3


8 Responses to “Artemis, the Bloody Rose & the Chess Master 1.1”

  1. Yunru Says:

    you did a great summary well done! :D
    I hope i’ll be able to project Yuuki’s personality in my EOY this year.and your summary really helped! Cheers!!

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    gladly :) good luck then! :)

  3. kagome Higurashi Says:

    ke hermOozhOO blood de vampire knight esta seriee me encantOo tantOo ke junto con salir la 2 temporadaa la vii jajaja esperOo ke salgaa la 3 eso no puedOo terminarr asii.. ke yuuki se va con kaname kuran y deja a zero kiryuu solitOo y tanto yuuki como zero juran matarse cuando lleguenn esoo nome gustOo pero yOop tengo elpresentimientOo de ke eso no va a pasarr jajaja.. buenoO espectacularr ……… no me cansOo de decirloO en especiall para los amantes de animex comoO yòp jaja..byeeeeeee.
    sigann asi

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I don’t really understand in what language you were writing Kagome-san… can make out only a few. But thanks for visting my blog and I’m really glad! ^^

  4. […] Artemis, the Bloody Rose &; the Chess Master 1.1 […]

  5. Miyaki-kun Says:

    I think Kagome-san was writing in spanish but I can only make out a few words… I’ll translate it into proper spanish, the stuff like *this* im not sure about:

    que *hermoco* blood de vampire knight esta serie me encanto tanto que junto con salir la 2 temporada la vi *jajaja espero* que *salga* la 3 eso no puedo terminar asi… Que Yuuki se va con Kaname Kuran y deja a Zero Kiryuu *solito* y tanto Yuuki como Zero juran matarse cuando lleguen eso no me gusto pero yo tengo el *presentimiento* de que eso no va a pasar *jajaja*.. bueno espectacular ……… no me canso de decirlo en especial para los amantes de animex como *yòp jaja..* byeeeeeee.
    sigan asi

    Tried translating it in google too, it goes something like this in english:

    I really love the Vampire Knight series, while with the second season, i saw that ? leaves. i hope that the 3rd does not end well…. that goes with Yuuki and Kaname Kuran leaves Zero Kiryuu alone and both vow to kill Yuuki and Zero when they arrive, that I like, but I have the feeling / have a hunch that this will not happen… good show… I never tire of saying it especially for lovers of animex … byeeee. (something) well.

    there you go. ^^
    and really good review, you have really done your research. this is one of the series that I haven’t read yet, and this compels me to! Thank you for your insight! ^_^

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    I believe you made some nice points in functions also.

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