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Nani?! No VK Yummies till September? July 28, 2008

Oppsie! I read Sagakure’s journal once more and I did overlook this issue the last time!

Vampire Knight’s next chapter release would be on September, the 24th If I quoted it right! *cries* It’s gonna be a long wait from now… *sob sob*

But…if it’s for Hino sensei then, I’d like to reconsider. She deserves a rest after long months of hardwork… *nod nod*

The great deal is? there’ll be more pages in the next chapter to come! *jumps* Yatta! Maybe this is to make up for a month gap! So shall we expect more amazing Vampire Knight twists? And more of Kaname…? *fingers crossed*

Sensei, thanks for the hardwork! Enjoy your well-earned breather…!


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