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Fairy Tail: Chapter 96 July 27, 2008

Click here to read!

Click here to read!

One of the current mangas I love to read these days — Fairy Tail.

Some say it’s quite similar with One Piece but I can’t find myself reading the latter since it already has been going for so long as well as the animated version…I don’t know why. Maybe I stopped liking longer running works just like what I felt with Naruto. I’d anticipate I would be impoverished by the time series as these would come to an end. I can’t blame the producers or the authors for doing such thing, it’s just simply business and I am one of those who’s supposed to know since I came from the same background. Now, enough!

I came across Fairy Tail thinking it really was a ‘fairy tale’ per se only with some Japanese touch on it. I was wronged but the first time I read it, I grew to love it and am anxious enough to follow that series. It was about 3 or 4 chapters that were already posted, scanlated in one of the famous manga sites and the next releases were really fast. Oh it’s sometime in 2006 — already that long? but I still love it, never mind what I said before!

It was about a guild of magicians trained to explore their potentials and learn how to control the power that lies within themselves. It was a funny, adventurous *unadventurous as well*, nerve-wracking showdown of magic and friendship. Really, cool story! *two thumbs up*

My favorite character is Natsu who wields the dragon fire, then Erza, I finally came to admire her with the latest chapters out, Grey, master of the ice *he’s some kind of pervert, ehehe* but is often found naked either without tops or without nothing at all! Lucy?…what is she? I feel like she’s just an accessory but she’s the most sensitive of them all. Maybe later we could still find out what her true potentials are aside from being a regular stellar mage. She’s got to be since she’s one of the important characters of the story. I just hope it would be animated too sooner.

Wow Natsu’s so cool! in Chapter 96 he battles Seiglen rather Gerard in order to save Erza! Natsu’s always got tricks up his sleeves and he just doesn’t know when to give up *except that of his battle with that certain dumb ass owl, he became a bait! XD Just because of his weakness –the transpo-riding thing* though Gerard now had his power increased after activating the R-system and will soon summon Zeref making Erza his sacrifice, that idiot!

I am positive Natsu will give all he’s got and will win this battle! No matter what!

You should read Fairy Tail too…it’s one of the top rated mangas available by manga artist Hiro Mashima!


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