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Personal Musings on Mangas July 23, 2008

What do I search for in a manga? Obviously, I’m no native Japanese speaker *but I’m learning how to* and I know nothing about the mangaka/s or the author/illustrator of which but I can tell if its quality or not.

As a literary person myself, I’ve got standards which developed through the years like it’s my second nature. If you’re trying to ask me what are those, I honestly don’t know but I just know its the right thing, probably it might be just my instinct, one may think. Oh no! a gut feeling?! Nah, whatever it is!

The Cover

For some the cover itself does not matter but for me its quite a big deal. Some writers can be misleading concealing trash contents behind appealing covers but I beg not to generalize all them. I still believe that an author who cares about its readers may want to put every single detail into consideration including the whole packaging of his or her book particularly if its a graphic novel. Let’s just say, if the author is really satisfied with his/her work that satisfaction reaches out to the readers as well, a personal touch — indirectly.

The Illustrations

Well-illustrated mangas really appeal to me. I have read several ones but not all that has great story lines are drawn pleasing to the eye. I like to read mangas which are comfortable to the eyes and detest chaotic drawings which sometimes I dont really comprehend what it is trying to say, it’s more like too much exaggeration on the part of the artist or has he joined the ‘conserve mother nature advocates’ by making all edge of the pages inked? In order to convey feelings of each characters in the manga a good illustration is a must, it’s more than watching an anime sometimes — our imaginations make it more wild!

The Storyline

Are Japanese people men of few words? Definitely not! But I dare to say that they are awesome writers but they choose to be easygoing and they are so creative that they draw instead writing chapters and chapters of boring texts… Did I say boring? but I like books too as such!

I have read storylines which were great like they have taken you in one wild ride and you want some more but others may just have been browsed for the sake of curiousity since you’ve got to see an animated version of it. I want to read stories which I haven’t heard before or something similar not the one that you know of how the story goes and its ending is typical and so predictable. I like mysteries, surprises, magic, vampires, wholesome ones and if possible no flesh!

The only thing I have observed is that mangakas made an incest just as simple as living everyday life! Though it’s really unacceptable to most cultures but they wrote and drew their books as if it’s nothing at all and I wonder why I too feel so normal about it?

The Authors/Illustrators

Wild, wild imagination, crafty hands and expressive people, those may just be the qualities I am looking for from the mangakas. They are the ones who could make those simple illustrations alive and it seems that they were there to say that words aren’t necesary the only tool to communicate.

So far, works of CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic), Hatori Bisco (Ouran High School Host Club), Hiro Mashima (FairyTail) and kyaa! Matsuri Hino’s (Vampire Knight) made me so happy! They’re amazing and in fact, I got some great collection of their works!

My expensive passion I guess, huhu! But it was really worth buying them.

I do have the right to go moe sometimes right? So please excuse my manners, manga ohtaku-ness –really!


One Response to “Personal Musings on Mangas”

  1. twistedwinds Says:

    I get what you’re saying. Over the years, I’ve also instinctively picked up alot of random funny shoujo, and they were all cute, and well-drawn. ^-^ Guess I’m lucky?

    …And about the incest thing….they make the most wild things look normal. Like teenage pregnancies. And suicide. o.O And shounen-ai. and…etc.etc. xD

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